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There are 4 tutorials, but only in german:

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C libraries

A small collection of rather minimalistic C libraries, including a FTP library and a NNTP library. Some of them up to this point only with german documentation and source comments, but most in english. All libraries run on my Linux system. Whether they also run on other systems was not tested.


hover (german)
a program for an automatical update of a homepage. Indeed it was a small hack. In the moment all things are in german and I wouldn't recommend it, if you don't speak german.
reformats ascii texts with paragraphs. In ascii text harvested from the net (e.g. the usenet), the paragraphs may be marked in different ways: Sometimes it is a blank line, sometime a Tab at the beginning of the line. fortext reads a text from stdin (or from a file), tries to guess, where new paragraphs start, and reformats the text making new line breaks, filling lines etc.. Finally it writes the reformatted text to stdout (or to a file).
removes er replaces some tags in html code. This is not a full grown html->ascii converter, but in fact only a very small preprocessor for the fortext-text-reformatter above.
produces statistics from HTTP server log files. In contrary to the most other programs its aim is mainly to show and compare the chronological development of different subareas of a site.
shows the load of a network interface as a diagram running from the right to the left. This is a small gimmick, which I use mainly to see, whether it is my analogue modem, or the internet itself, which is so slow.
loads all usenet article of a group, whose subject mathes one or more regular expressions, and saves them in the working directory. It is a rather simple program.
The 8 Queens puzzle
This is an old programming exercize: Arrange 8 queens on a chessboard, so that no queen is beaten by another queen. Here one can find an absolute minimalistic C program, which finds all solutions.
This is not an old programming exercize, even if there are enough programs for it, but a well known puzzle too: 12 tiles each made up from 5 squares are to be arranged in a rectangle.

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